We would love to create a custom-made web presentation for you.

Are you wondering which technical solutions are suitable for you? We will help you with the selection. We are able to create simple websites, as well as extensive web systems and presentations for you. All the websites we make are responsive.

Nowadays it is needed to differentiate yourself from the competition. That is why we create custom-made webs and even graphics without using fixed patterns/models.

website website website website

How do we work?

We get to know & analyze

First we get to know what you and your customers need. We identify your goals and create a strategy on how to reach them best. We advise you whether a static website is enough or whether a personal administration website is needed.

Poznáváme a analyzujeme
Vymýšlíme a navrhujeme

We invent & design

We will prepare the ideal layout of your website according to the outputs of the analysis. Based on that an interactive prototype of the website (wireframe) will be created. Together we will look through it and adjust it if needed.

We draw & create

According to the approved wireframe, we will start preparing the graphic design of the website and all its elements. We always try to create a stylish, high-quality, interesting design.

Kreslíme a tvoříme
Programujeme a kódujeme

We program & code

Our websites are always made both versions - mobile and desktop. We rely on clean code and the use of the latest technologies, thanks to which we are able to create modern and fast websites that work great on all devices.

We test & launch

A completed programmed version is always tested before turning it over to the client. We then adjust it accordingly to the comments and suggestions.

Testujeme a spouštíme
Spravujeme a pomáháme

We manage & support

After launching the project, we deploy measuring tools and we can even prepare a marketing campaign for you. A subsequent service and technical administration of the entire project is a matter of course.


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