Monster CMS is an e-shop system developed by us using the most modern technologies on the market.

Why should you develop your own system today?

Over the past 10 years, we have built e-shops on various open-source solutions such as Drupal Prestashop and Woocomerce. Overtime, we have encountered limitations while working with all these systems which were not easy to overcome. The effort to adjust them according to the client's needs had taken a lot of time and unnecessary costs. We have seen our clients grow over the years and the existing solutions have become unsatisfactory and insufficient. In 2020, we completed our own headless e-shop solution, which is built modularly, with only the core of the system being fixed and everything else can be easily modified according to the client's needs.

What can our eshop do - basic skills

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Content pages

  • banner management (main sliders + banners)
  • statistics
  • any kind of rating (products, users, etc.)
  • discount codes
  • vouchers (possibility of printing in PDF)
  • popup windows
  • cms pages (wysiwyg editor)
  • blog
  • translation

User management

  • customers, customer registration, multiple addresses
  • customer groups, the option to define customer groups (for statistics, content display, prices, VAT, etc.)
  • sending a forgotten password
  • automatic emails for orders
  • storing the content of the cart

Order management

  • order overview and editing
  • realtime dashboard for an easier order processing
  • order with/without registration
  • adjustable order statuses, automatic informative emails about the order's status
  • generating invoices
  • export invoices to the Fakturoid system
  • adjustable minimum order value
  • shipping prices according to the price or weight of the order
  • adjustable notification by email when order status changes
  • a possibility of a different delivery and payment address
  • various types of payment (online payment, invoice, cash on delivery, advance invoice)

Catalog management

  • manufacturer management (brand suppliers, etc.)
  • category management
    • product sorting by category of own choice
    • it is possible to define customer groups and give them access to different categories
  • product management
    • product prices, VAT rates
    • product variants
    • inventory
    • virtual products (eg. video courses, downloadable content)
    • product gallery (any number of images, automatic resizing)
    • time availability of products (when will the product be on sale, etc.)
    • downloadable attachments (manuals, etc.)
    • labels
    • import export csv excel
    • xml feeds (Google, Heureka, Sklik etc.)

Connection to payment systems

  • Gopay
  • PayU
  • Paypal
  • Stripe (a possibility of splitting payments into several subjects)


  • employee groups (editor, admin, superadmin)
  • group permissions


  • any kind of banners, sliders, texts
  • brands overview
  • blog articles
  • products with any parameters (eg. 8 best-selling products in stock up to 1000 CZK with an uploaded image)


  • complete overviews of brands, categories, products
  • special automatically generated categories (news, discounts, sales…)
  • subcategories
  • product filtration
  • product sorting of all kinds

Content pages

  • completely editable information pages
  • blog with a list of the latest articles
  • a possibility of filtering pages and articles by categories or themes
  • maps and geolocation with the option of displaying partners, branches, services…


  • display forms generated in the administration
  • protection against data loss in case of error, a page closing or connection interruption
    • a possibility of saving filled out forms in the background
    • the page does not reload when the form is submitted
  • split more complex forms into multiple steps

User account

  • orders' overviews
  • address and personal data management
  • possible management of own profiles
  • notifications and event notifications

Cart and oder

  • a possibility of multiple carts for different projects management
  • shipping options
    • in-store pick up
    • courier with the possibility of calculating shipping costs based on the products in the cart
    • DPD, Zásilkovna, Uloženka, ČP, Balíkobot, Liftago etc.
  • payment options
    • cash on delivery, invoice, bank transfer
    • creating an offer
    • online card payment (eg. GoPay, Stripe)
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Technical specifications

The functionality of the system (back end) is written in PHP (Laravel). The client and administrative part is built on the JS framework Vue.JS, which ensures fast response and smooth transitions between pages and more natural UX. We use Server Side Rendering technology, where all parts of the website are important for pre-generated SEO and therefore it is not a problem to index the webpages by robots. Of course, there is also a connection to Google Analytics / GTM, which allows easy measurement of even more complex events (for example a failure while sending an order due to an error in an address) and a natural full-text search that can display the results as it is, so there is no need to wait for the search of all.

The CMS is divided into three parts:

  • API server - Runs on PHP framework Laravel and MySQL database. It mediates all calculations and analysis. It stores and reads from the database. It is currently the most used framework for web application development and the complete documentation can be found here: The modules themselves are created directly by us according to the needs of our clients. These are primarily separate functional units so that unnecessary complications won't occur in the more complex applications, therefore making them easier to update and improve.
  • Client APP - Client application connected to the API server.
  • Admin APP - Administrator application connected to the API server.
  • Both front end applications are developed on the JS framework Vue.JS and are tailored to the needs of clients. We know that each client's need is unique and that is why we always prepare a personal administration interface, which has a fundamental impact on the intuitiveness of controlling the entire application.

Advantages of our solution

  • our solution provides the advantages of a classic box solution in combination with a custom-made system
  • we will adapt exactly to your needs, not the other way around
  • you don't have to build an e-shop from scratch and pay a disproportionately high cost for the development of the entire system
  • speed and responsiveness is a matter of course
  • the system is scalable - it is built so that you can start with a small e-shop and over time expand it without any limitations
  • a possibility of expansion to B2B
  • you will not have to pay monthly fees and the e-shop belongs to you
  • there is no risk of vendor-lock, the system is built on open source technologies. If you are interested, we will provide you the source codes and technical specifications, so you can further develop the system on your own.
  • we are able to launch a new e-shop within 2 months

What is our ideal workflow?

  • analysis
  • wireframe creation (interactive web design with all its elements)
  • original graphics
  • coding and programming
  • testing with the client
  • adjustment to the comments and suggestions from testing
  • e-shop launching

What is the approximate price of the e-shop?

  • we are able to create smaller e-shops from CZK 150,000
  • large and complex e-shops from CZK 350,000

We gladly offer you a free non-binding consultation.


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